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sensory integration and gaming?

any advice for staving off the game movement induced issues? i'll end up with nausea, dizziness, headaches, sometimes even a full-blown migraine.
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That really hasn't been a huge problem for me, although I have played some games that have given me a bit of motion sickness, particularly when the camera moves all the time. I'd probably suggest limiting the amount of time you spend with games. I myself only play games in one-hour bursts, and take short breaks before moving on.
Are you playing with or without house lights with your TV on?
Playing in the dark with the TV only on can make these problems worse.

Jmg124's advice is great. Take breaks when you need to. You should also look into aspect ratios for your TV screen. Maybe the game is working with a different ratio setup than the regular TV does? If the problem is with the camera in-game, check the options of the game to see if you can switch on/off camera movement. I myself, like controlling the camera with the game controls than letting the game do it.

And finally, a problem could be with the art style and colors with the game itself. Some games have a very bright cartoon neon colors, like Psychonauts, than sometimes do hurt the eyes after long gameplay. Games with darker or subtle color schemes might work better.
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