marlon99rocks (marlon99rocks) wrote in asd_gamers,

i get picked on alot because of my youtube i wonder if i can get nice friend here

i get picked on alot with my youtube but i get picked that much that i get sad i wonder if this is a nice i play overwatch just got it back a few days ago and i love it i been doing youtube for 3 years now i have omost 600 subs but i hate trolls but because they try to add me on skype and steam and picked on sleepy pick on my alot i had discord but i uninstalled to many tolls but i hope i wont get trolled on here because then i would be sad more sad i get lots of good commments on my youtube but the other one are just bad because one said to me yesherday he got a brick chucked at his head something was worng with his voice box but i only add a few people that i trust because they attack me and stuff that not funny because of my youtube i dont like mean people i need some advice plz because i use skype and steam
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