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Game Politics: PC Game Designed for Autistic Youths

PC Game Designed for Autistic Youths
Vision Audio Inc. has developed a PC game designed to provide assistance for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) by teaching them to cope with noise while improving sensory processing.

EASe Funhouse Treasure Hunt combines therapeutic music with several different types of interactive immersion “designed to stimulate, but not over-stimulate, a child who is challenged by sensory processing and organization.”

Bill Mueller, president of Vision Audio explained, “Our goal is to balance the child’s sensory experiences. Too much stimulation can result in fight-or-flight responses. Too little stimulation and we won't get past the child's existing sensory defense mechanisms."

Those afflicted with ASD have difficulty filtering information from their environment, which can result in overstimulation, “A touch may feel like a burn, lights may be blinding, sounds deafening, smells repugnant.”

The game, recommended for kids ages six and up, is on sale for $39.00 on the EaseCD website. A demo is also available for download.

Source: Game Politics

I think that the website links are a bit mixed up as both the links for Vision Audio Inc. and EaseCD lead to EaseCD's page. Looking it over, it's the same place. So here's the link for EaseCD then:

Personally it's for kids, so it's not designed for someone like me or anyone older on here. And I'm sure it's not very fun either, as most games designed for very young kids are. Still it's interesting news, and I wonder if anything like this would be used in mainstream games or for a older age group.
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